Top 5 fabric picks this summer 2022

It's summer time, and it's time to freshen up your wardrobe. Summers can be tough on clothing, so lightweight fabrics are a must. Bright and pastel colours are the code for summer, so be stylish this season with these five amazing fabrics.




Cotton is a fabric that is popular and used all over the world. It is breathable and perfect for summer.

Cotton fabrics come in various textures, weights, and weaves, which makes them versatile fabrics that can be worn year-round.

The best way to care for cotton is to wash it by hand with cold water or machine wash on a gentle cycle with cold water and use a mild detergent.




Linen is a fabric made from flax fibres, it is known for its cooling properties. It is durable, breathable and is good for summer because it has natural anti-bacterial properties.

Linen's cooling properties can be attributed to the fact that linen fibres are naturally hydrophilic. This means that they absorb moisture and release it back into the air during the day, keeping you cool in summer.

Linen also has natural anti-bacterial properties which make it ideal for summer because of its ability to repel bacteria and fungi that can cause odours or infections.




Mul has its popularity from its place of origin Dhaka, Bangladesh. Its popularity spread across India and the world, owing to the fact that it suits well under the scorching sun.

Mul (Mulmul or Muslin) fabric is a high-quality weave of cotton and other breathable fabrics. Mul fabric can easily absorb moisture and dry off faster than other fabrics.




Compared to other summer fabrics, rayon is different. Rayon is a man-made fabric from plant sources. Processed clear cellulose from plants is used as a base to create the rayon fabric.

It can be used in summer without any hassle. It does not have a stickiness to the skin on a sunny day. Most summer fashion wear uses rayon to blend comfort and style.




Khadi is one of the best-known fabrics and possesses a strong ethnic value in India. Khadi becomes the go-to fabric during summer considering the fact that it's natural, skin-friendly, and fewer chemicals are involved during manufacturing. 

The innovations with khadi fabric are abundant in the current modern era, so choosing khadi for this summer won't decrease any of the style factors.