How are hand-painted organza sarees made in Soul Spectrum

by Namrata Chandrasekar on May 23, 2022

How are hand-painted organza sarees made in Soul Spectrum

Firstly, What Is Organza?

Organza fabric is a fine, crisp fabric with a subtle sheen; it's perfect for special occasion dresses. Over the years, organza has been trendy, charismatic and considered for luxury appeal. 

Although the organza looks soft and delicate, it is pretty strong. Outfits made from Organza fabric are usually preferred as party wears for their regal appearance. 

How are hand-painted organza sarees made?

Hand-painted organza sarees are works of art and each saree tells a story. Now let's get to know how the art is made -

Protocols for making hand-painted Tussar silk sarees are different from handpainted organza sarees. Based on the fabric material the design changes and the choice of paint changes. Artist also curates the brush sizes for the feasibility of the design.

  • Hand-painted Tussar silk saree design focuses on aesthetics relating to traditional and everlasting classic designs. 
  • Hand-painted Organza saree designs are more trendy with the current times and follow exquisite flowy floral patterns.

Pre-designing procedures begin by removing any starch present in the fabric, which might hinder the paint from working well with the chosen fabric.

Mint Green with a blend of Yellow  - Organza Saree

The artists start the design process with a rough draft on paper. The artist alongside fashion designers checks whether the design will look exemplary when printed on the final fabric. Once the rough design evaluation is over, the idea is carried forward to work on the sample fabric piece. 

Artists and fashion designers collaborate to make a custom-made stencil. The stencil is used to create a unique motif design for the Organza sarees by mapping the right placement tracing.

For larger continuous designs a full-scale blueprint is made which is used to make the final design for the organza saree. 

While working on the hand painting process the artist limits the supply and contact of air on the fresh paint to avoid patchy or dryness in the final design. Throughout the painting process, the consistency of paint with water is kept in check. This way, patchy or dryness in the final paint finish is avoided.

The final process of the hand-painted organza saree involves paint fixation using the reverse iron method. The paint fixation process is done after 24 hours once the paint is dried off in mild air.


Hand-painted organza sarees are chosen to stand unique

The people who prefer hand-painted sarees are usually adventurous, art lovers and express their Art appreciation through their choice of the saree. 


As we all know, Art is the basic framework for encouraging thoughtful conversations and the understanding that there is more than one approach to everything.


Your choice of this hand-painted saree might open the minds of your friends, family and acquaintances to different perspectives and ways of looking at things.