Complete Guide for Silk Fabric Care

by Namrata Chandrasekar on Jun 23, 2022

Complete Guide for Silk Fabric Care-Soulspectrum

Complete Guide for Silk Fabric Care -Soulspectrum

Silk is a globally utilised fabric and was popular among royal empires in the past. It's a beautiful fabric that a lot of people desire to wear for special occasions in modern times. Silk is considered to have originated in China 4000 years ago.

Modern-day silk demand is met by using sericulture and various other techniques. Silk has many types depending on its source of origin, be it - worms, caterpillars, spiders or molluscs.

Silk is a valuable investment. It's a fabric that needs long-term maintenance to preserve its quality. Silk clothing or garments are timeless classics relevant for more than a season. The way you wear and wash your silk has an impact on its longevity.

So here is a comprehensive guide on silk fabric care.

Hand Wash

  • Always segregate synthetic coloured clothes from silk before washing.
  • Soak your silk cloth in water for 5 minutes and gently rinse with water.
  • For silk cloth with hard stain - Use detergent with qualities such as ph-neutral, no enzyme and no bleach.
  • The ingredient must not contain any enzyme ingredient because it might react with the fabric and weaken it. Make sure ingredients don't form high lather.
  • Rinse and repeat only if needed.

Machine wash

  • Add your silk cloth with a support fabric that will avoid the silk to get worn and torn by the machine spin.
  • Avoid running the machine with single silk clothing.
  • Do not choose a higher temperature in the machine for washing.
  • Keep the wash cycle low and add silk-compatible detergent.
  • Once the process is over, do not machine dry.
  • Dry the silk clothes in shades - avoid direct harsh sunlight.

After wash care

  • Silk clothes tend to wrinkle or form creases, so don't get them gathered or piled up.
  • Read the label before ironing any particular silk cloth. Select silk settings or low to medium temperature settings in the iron box to flatten the wrinkles
  • For long-term storage of silk clothes in the wardrobe do not use moisture absorbent materials. 
  • Use storage bags or spaces that ensure a good amount of air circulation.
  • Use moth repellent if you plan to keep the silk cloth unused for a long time in your wardrobe.


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